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Welcome to Congregation Beth El

I’m truly happy to be serving you at Congregation Beth El. My ambition throughout the years has been to convey the beauty and light of the Torah to the community in an inspiring and meaningful way. When my family was younger, I worked on spreading the Torah’s message in areas where Torah teachers were not available. Therefore I delighted in being in such cities as Santa Barbara, CA and Youngstown, OH often providing many people with their first exposure to the depth of a Torah class or the splendor and joy of a Shabbos meal. In those communities I began to love the warm, family feel that small, out of town shuls provide. On the other hand, as my family grew, the children required good Jewish schools and those aren’t readily available in such areas either. In Rutherford, my family has found the best of both worlds: A warm, close knit synagogue, where everyone is welcome, in the proximity of Passaic, Teaneck and other major Jewish communities. Yeshivot and Jewish schools, kosher food and mikvaot are all with in a few minutes drive.

I obtained my secular education at the University of Michigan and Yeshiva University; however, I did most of my Torah study at Yeshivas Chaim Berlin. There, I learned for nine years and obtained rabbinic ordination. In 2013, I finished my graduate studies at Azrieli Graduate School, acquiring a Masters degree in Jewish Education. My true passion though is the study of modern and traditional spiritual practices and thought. Therefore, in all my teachings I try to integrate all these ideas, the sacred and the secular, hopefully coming up with a message relevant to today’s modern American Jewish mindset.

Beth El’s goals are to reach out to all the Jews in Rutherford and the neighboring towns by offering stimulating classes, uplifting services and the sense of community and family. Please join us. You’ll find that we'll provide much to enrich your Jewish spiritual life.

Rabbi Nosson Schuman

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