From the Rabbi 


Welcome to Congregation Beth El

It is my pleasure to join as rabbi of your congregation. I come from a long line of rabbis who have dedicated their lives to the Jewish community, and from a young age I have been involved with reaching out and caring for all Jews, regardless of their background.

I received my Rabbinic ordination from many great rabbis, including Rabbi Y. M. Lau, former Chief Rabbi of Israel. I have spent much of my time assisting rabbis across the world and I am excited with the prospect of sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

I strongly hold onto our rich Jewish heritage, while at the same time embrace the technology and advances of our times. I teach torah using power-point, prezi and video presentations. I strive to make my classes interesting, stimulating and relevant to the modern Jew.


Best wishes,

Rabbi Yitzchok Lerman


Rabbi Lerman and his family

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