Welcome to our Jewish community. Beth El is a warm and welcoming congregation devoted to open-minded spirituality, Torah learning and good friendship.

Join us at our regularly scheduled events


Shabbos morning services begin at 9:00 AM.

Sunday morning at 8:00 AM

Adult education:

Shabbos afternoon, 5:00 PM in-depth studies in the book of Genesis. Contact us for this week's location.

Sunday morning, 9:00 AM breakfast accented with topical discussion and followed by Talmudic learning.


Please join us Monday night, 8 PM at the synagogue for new series on NDE's, near death experiences. We'll be starting by reading Dr. Eben Alexanders' book, "Proof of Heaven."
Dr. Alexander was a skeptical, rational neuroscientist before his bout with bacterial meningitis. If something wasn't scientifically provable, he wasn't interested. But his own NDE, when he was in a coma for a week changed all that. In "Proof of Heaven", Dr. Alexander recounts his remarkable experiences and insights from being on the "other side." Some of his teachings, Judaism has previously known, and some, we may need to listen with an open ear.
Please join us Tuesday night at 8:30 PM as we continue our classes on the melodies and prayers of the Musaf service. New volunteers are leading services each week! The classes are small, and the instruction will give you the confidence to competently lead our community in prayer.
Passover is quickly approaching. Tuesday, April 14 is Seder night. Forms for the sale of Chometz will be forthcoming. 
In order to provide a meaningful, religious experience for members of all faiths in our area, we'll be opening up our synagogue for a community seder on the second night of Passover, Tuesday, April 15 at 7:30 PM. Led by Rabbi Nosson Schuman and family, we'll vault from mental slavery to  spiritual freedom through song, textual analysis and discussion and traditional ethnic delicacies. "Why is this night different than all other nights?" won't be an issue by the time the last matzah is consumed! 
$15 per adult, $10 per child, in order to defer costs.
Please let your friends and family know about this wonderful and exciting opportunity.
For more information, contact Rabbi Schuman at nschumannj@gmail.com



Rutherford is the perfect community choice for anyone looking for quailty suburban living with close proximity to NYC and the established Jewish communities of Passaic and Teaneck.